‘Flower Power’ Coffee Storage Jar


Manufactured in the 60s by Crown Devon this pattern was adapted from the 60s fashion designer Mary Quant‘s ‘Carnaby daisy’ design. Painted in the era’s most popular colours of reds and oranges this jar is a perfect example of the 60s ‘Flower power’ spirit.

Bargain: Kentish Town charity shop for a couple of £.

Krups Electric Coffee Mill


1960’s electric coffee mill by German manufacturer Krups. The motor purrs smoothly and is quieter than most of it’s modern day cousins. Making coffee in the morning has a brand new appeal and it grinds the perfect icing sugar too.

Deal:  Found at the Arena Antik Markt in Berlin for 12 Euro

50’s Kitchen Scale


This slightly battered kitchen scale is another find from the cheap end of Portobello Market. Admittedly it’s not ultra precise but working nevertheless, it might not be useful though for a fussy ingredient list.

A bargain for £10

Hornsea Tea Jar


Tea storage jar in ‘Heirloom’ by Hornsea. The pattern was designed by John Clappison and produced from 1967 to 1987 in Autumn Brown, Midnight Blue and Lakeland Green. It proved a massive success and for several years ‘Heirloom’ became the mainstay of Hornsea pottery. ‘Heirloom’ is still quite ubiquitous on antique markets and charity shops throughout the UK.

Bargain: £2 from a London charity shop