A little bit about us

I’m a web designer living in London with my boyfriend. Putting up with ever changing technology and the transience of the internet is probably one reason why I admire timeless design classics.

Retro Junction is a personal attempt to trace the stories of the weird and wonderful items found in antique markets, junk shops, car boot sales, grannie’s lofts and admittedly more and more on eBay.

We don’t consider ourselves serious collectors, yet we collect a lot of things that look like they could enhance our home and bring some flair from past times into kitchen and living room. We particular love everything Art Deco, the 50s, 60s and 70s yet we equally admire many new products coming out with a retro look.

We’re also proud that most of these items are used in some way. Sometimes it seems a risk to use something so precious and if we’re lucky, even a bit rare. But like that old design axiom ‘form should follow function’, we believe that dust collection should only follow practical use!

And remember one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Feel free to get in touch and happy collecting!

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