‘Flower Power’ Coffee Storage Jar


Manufactured in the 60s by Crown Devon this pattern was adapted from the 60s fashion designer Mary Quant‘s ‘Carnaby daisy’ design. Painted in the era’s most popular colours of reds and oranges this jar is a perfect example of the 60s ‘Flower power’ spirit.

Bargain: Kentish Town charity shop for a couple of £.

Orange Tree’s little bro


I felt the need to add a companion to the original tea pot, so here is another little fellow in the beautiful Orange Tree design.

Deal: £13 on eBay after a couple of failed attempts to secure a bargain. This is serious collectors territory so I’ll stay clear in the future for budget’s sake.

German Threesome


Christmas came early this year in the shape of this ‘Fat Lava’ trio from Spitalsfield Market. A Steuler ‘Zyklon’ and a Bay vase and a gorgious lamp base of unidentified origins. All together for £40.

Kirkham Egg Cups


Matching companions for the Kirkham sugar bowl and admiral additions to the breakfast table, though the wooden rack tends to be left in the cupboard most of the time. Classic 50s design.

Bargain: £8 on eBay