Rimini Blu


Bitossi’s ‘Rimini Blu’ collection of ceramics was created in the early 50s by Aldo Londi, the former art director of Bitossi ceramics. The collection of vases and animals is characterised by their unique blue and turquoise glazes and irregular texture and many are still in production today. They are usually backstamped and as this one isn’t I might have acquired an impostor or the early work of an apprentice. Nevertheless I love the colours and the triangular shape and for £12 I give the backstamp a miss.


Deal: £12 from Spitalsfield Market


One thought on “Rimini Blu

  1. Much of Bitossi’s factory pottery was marked with labels that were removed or lost over the years. There is no reason to doubt the authenticity of this piece. “Rimini” refers to the stamping pattern, while “Blu” refers to the glaze color. Bitossi also produced pieces in Rimini Red, Rimini Green, Rimini Yellow, and glaze mixtures such as Rimini Sunset. As artistic director, Aldo Londi designed the pieces, but they were manufactured in molds in hand-stamped by factory workers; it is not studio pottery.


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